Thursday, November 20, 2008


What is destiny without time?
What is time without destiny?
if time were to stop,
would we all be free
to do as we please?
or would we be frozen
for all eternity?

time, its a funny beast
it keeps running and running
never looks back, running endlessly
what could it possibly fear?
it has no predator, we are all its prey
Is it scared of its own sphere?

time, its a funny beast
it controls both you and me
never looks back, running endlessly
is unforgiving, of our mistakes
it preys upon and digs for us
our very own graves

time, its a funny beast
never lets us be free
never looks back, running endlessly
confined to its chambers, we live our lives
set into life's motions, with one thing in mind
awaiting death like hopeful midwives

imagine, if we could control time
imagine, if we could be free
what if time were the key
that allows us to open our sphere
the sphere that runs this world irrevocably

ah, but the question is how to control time?
maybe the answer is this moment
when we realize time controls our lives
you see, time is like us
we are both running endlessly, we both meet an end
time also awaits death, it is no different
and if we are no different, then we are one and the same
if we're one and the same, then we've won this game

Monday, November 17, 2008


life is too short
so go take the stock
quit trying to appraise
let your mind let loose
loosen all the chains
free fall into mystery
and when you're done
don't forget to raise

the mystics, the mistricks
the chicks, the flicks
misfits for life
its all about the game
thats in the frame
it frames you into strife
always looking without
gets harder to look within
and so on the boat of time
and in an ocean of opportunity
gone, wasted is your life

when the chips start falling
then remember joyous yesterdays
the days that you couldn't praise
then, put on a different lens
look from another horizon
and take a second to pray
its not for other people,
not to a god,
and definitely for you
pray for a miracle,
for a second chance
this life, my friend
only once is it true
and when you begin to see the leaves falling
and the beards turning shades of gray
and the branches beginning to tumble
take a grip onto the nearest roots
let them humbly help you find you

Monday, September 8, 2008

What is fiction?

The first essay...keep in mind I wrote this at 2am, and was due the same day, so if it doesn't make sense blame the time...

Fiction is a natural right. Fiction is a dream. Fiction is the natural right of every individual to dream. The culmination of our hopes, desires, and perception is fiction; it is in this world of fiction these three key components play together to create a mental world separate from our own. Every time we have hopes, we are hoping for something that does not exist now but we wish for it in the near future. Every time we desire something it is fiction, because that which we desire does not exist at the moment, but we wish for it in the near future. Fiction just is that which does not exist now but we wish for it to exist, and it comes into being through the culmination of our hopes, desires, and perception of life.

Fiction does not necessarily entail something being a video game, movie, or TV show, rather “fiction” through those media could just be reflections upon our own lives and the way we fictitiously live them; the way we behave in everyday life due to the hopes and desires pushing us forth. This is the realization that can be seen through many video games such as The Sims, or even Grand Theft Auto, or other video games where the player may use the character to do whatever he or she wishes or desires. In support of this view of fiction, Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, while speaking to Chuck Klosterman, the author of the book Sex, Drugs, and cocoa puffs, tells him that “’…it does seem like some people come to these interesting conclusions about themselves when they play. And if a game changes your perception of the world around you, it’s successful.”

Viewing fiction from a slightly different scope is the literary observation of two words that are often used in opposition, Fact and Fiction; though, that has never been clear to me why it is that way. Something factual does not mean it contains truth, and something fictitious does not mean it does not contain truth. For example, it is factual information that Columbus discovered the Americas and the Native Americans, and that some historians have written Columbus developed a good relationship with them. That does not make it true information. In fact, Columbus was one of the first people to make slaves of the Native Americans, sending them to Europe in exchange for money; all the while, the Natives endured immense cruelty and hardship.

If viewed thusly, fact then becomes the objective view of truth, eliminating the several factors involved in deciphering it, while fiction becomes the subjective view of the truth, which allows for many interpretations and perceptions upon the objective truth. While facts would be the accumulation of specific data, fiction would be the interpretation of those data recorded. Fiction, then, allows for people, societies to cultivate their thinking through realizations, which come from the process of reflection presented by different media, of how it is that they truly perceive life, and what it is exactly they are continually hoping and desiring for.

While the literary sense of fiction provides us with reflections into our own inner lives, fiction in general also serves to provide us with goals, even if they maybe a bit dreamy, that are fostered in our minds through our hopes, desires, and perceptions. That which the King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., sought in his world was something fictitious. It was something that did not exist at the moment, but his hopes, desires, and perceptions pushed him to seek the day his dream would come true; this is the basis for fiction being a dream. If this dream was not allowed to exist, then the King would not have been who he was, and is why fiction is a natural right. If the dream was not allowed to exist, then the realizations society made through the King’s speeches and actions would not have been possible. For the purpose of serving this need of realizations in society, fiction is the natural right of every individual to dream.

Posting Essays

So I decided, because I am not always writing poetry, and am going to be writing a bunch of essays this semester for my English II and Philosophy classes, I am just going to post them up here on my blog. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


dont say we didn't tell you so
here is the message, here it goes

this is not a manifest destiny
this is your date with fate
where for every evil action
there is a heavy slate
you tried to take us to our deaths
we still here fightin with every breath
an apology is far too late
you can't change what is to be your fate
you came and attacked us at our heart
be ready for yours to be ripped apart

you're nothing new to us
just a fancy new fool
with a fancy new sword
better count up your fortunes
for every death there is a toll
you took us to our death
we'll take you to yours
make you pay for the toll
offering change is of help no more

the spirit of a warrior
you can never kill
we are born to the highest king
and to the gods we die
our spirit you can never kill
its colored with the divine dye
we are the masters of our own destiny
no oppresor before you got away clean
don't think you'll be different or unique
your life will end the same as theirs
destroyed and lost into the winds of history

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23rd at 2am

sometimes, its these moments in my eyes
gazing up towards the empty sky
wondering if you're there or if you're shy?
i know you're there, come out and say hi

your love is like a butterfly
it stings like a bee
seeing you walk away
hurts more than I can bleed

i look and see there you are
staring back at me
through a window, through a tree
through a mirror, through a breeze
wherever you are
i can feel you breathe
breathing, sitting, living next to me

a part of me wishes to flee
a part wants you miserably
take your pick, for you its free
next to you, im supposed to be

- Sevak -

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Warning for Sikhs: The Dera Chief issue continues to Escalate

The Indian Government has failed so far to act upon arresting Dera Chief Ram Rahim for his actions against Sikhs and humanity. Putting aside what he has done against the Sikh community, the Dera Chief is known to be involved in many rape and murder cases, but the Government has yet to arrest him. Instead, when you read the Indian Nationalist publications such as the one below, you will find them using terms to demonize the Sikhs while not stating one piece of falsity by the Dera Chief or the inactions of the Government. Whereas the Dera Chief should be arrested, the Times of India suggests the riots in Mumbai could have been prevented if the Dera Chief had been given more police protection. If this does not illustrate the joint bias against the Sikhs by both the Government of India and its media, I have no clue what will. If the Dera Chief is not arrested and justice delivered, such incidents are bound to occur again and again. The Government itself is planting the seeds for a massive conflict in the coming future.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Random Quote

this one was really random because one, it came out of nowhere, two it was in third person ( i almost always write in first person), and third it was in hindi...? i havent spoken that in it is:

agar humse bhool hoi, to hume bhool jaana
agar kisi hor se bhool hoi, to une bhi bhool jaana
agar apne aap se bhool hoi, apne aap ko mat bhoolna
aise karna, maanlo khuda se judaa ho jaana

- Sevak -

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good, The Bad

The purpose, I believe, in the religion of Guru Nanak Sahib is not of morality, but of the cosmic appreciation of the one Being. Doing good in one’s life, knowing the difference between good and bad, or bringing the qualities of Vaheguru into a person's life is not the purpose of the Sikh, it is but a mere consequence of a life lived in the cosmic appreciation of the one Being. Those personalities who teach and preach to others to be “good people” are I believe the ones who have misunderstood and continually belittle the meaning of Sikhi.

I have for the longest time held the belief that morality is not the purpose of Sikhi, for I believe morality has been taught much before Guru Nanak Sahib came into this world, and can be learned by any individual attending any University by partaking the courses of Sociology and Ethics. If we were to say the purpose of Sikhi or religiousness is to be good people, then I believe the purpose of religiosity and Sikhi for those who think that may have come to an end, for you may gain this knowledge anywhere on the internet or a university.

No, I believe what Guru Nanak Sahib expounded on over and over again was the feeling of cosmic appreciation. The humility in the being which has come to appreciate the harmony in which the Universe works, and the longing of that being to expand the personal self and experience life connected as the Universal self. This feeling is appreciated by and evidenced through one such writing of an inspired-soul, Professor Puran Singh, who in his book The Creation and Purpose of the Khalsa states, “The religion of Guru Nanak is one thing needful to the soul of the individual, as well as the souls of groups of individuals. Nature is God. It is personal and alive with feeling. It is a reservoir of inexhaustible life, inspiration and love. Acceptance, amazement, and the spirituality of things are Guru Nanaks exact words. Religion is function of life, as it is driven to function.” If one reads The Spirit Born People, more of this cosmic appreciation is expounded on by this great inspired soul.

It is furthermore evidenced by writings by Guru Sahib himself when he states “ham nahi change bura nahi koe” Shabad Panna 2784, “jo tho prem khelan ka chao, sir dhar tali gali meri aao, eith maarag pair dhareejai, sir deejay kaan na keejai” Shabad Panna 1412, and “sach kahon sun leh sabhai, jin prem kio tin hi prabh paayeo” by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Savaiye 9th pauri. In all of these Shabads Guru Sahib continually speaks of one message, which is the appreciation of the one Being. This appreciation is through living a life of Love, and this Love is discovered in a life of Truthful living; the second word in Guru-Granth Sahib Ji, “Sat-Naam.”. This Love then is expressed in innumerous ways such as service, moral living, sharing, etc. This is why morality is not the purpose. There is no purpose. There is just the feeling of cosmic appreciation, Love. True Love has no purpose other than to Love.

And The Ugly

The Ugly is the state of the actions of our personal and communal lives, and I will not say Panthic because the Guru is Panth and the Panth is forever blossoming. To cut this short, and without ranting on for another ten pages, I will briefly say that because we have forgotten the message of cosmic appreciation, living a life of true love, it is why our community and our personal lives are in the state they are in. It is why we have become a group of judgmental imbeciles who cast eyes of opinions, rather than love, upon each other in the community and other human beings. And, as long as we continue this tradition of separation based on our foolish idea of our genius wisdom, proclaimed by our tradition of sourcing evidence on meaningless names and figures of history, and whilst forgetting the cosmically inspirational Shabad of our Guru, not living a life of Love, as a community and as individuals we shall perish into the dust of time and history having accomplished nothing but egoism and self-indulgence.

May Vaheguru have compassion on us for we possess the incredible ability to cremate beauty in our daily lives.

Lastly, stay in chardi-kala! =)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I want you, just you
Why can't it just be
Me and you in symphony
Orchestrating a life
Thats in beat
My love is the bee
Your love is the flower
I feed from you
You live through me
Me and you in symphony
Why can't it just be
Your love being the sun
My love being the tree
You feed me your beauty
I make the earth green
Why can't it just be
Me and you in symphony
Your love is the conductor
My love is the melody
This symphony could never be complete
Without me and you in harmony

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Community of Tigers we were, A Community of Dogs we've become

I was reading a weblog entry by MrSikhNet, because a friend introduced me to that site today. He wrote some very interesting thoughts that spurred some of my own.
These thoughts of mine are not written in a poem, but a rare essay-format. Enjoy or Hate, as you wish. =)

I think we tend to forget that Guru Sahib told us to do Naam Japna, Vand Chakna, and Kirat Karni, but no hard-fast rule on how to do it, so there is no one correct way of doing those things.
I guess when Guru Sahib liberated our souls from the tyranny of existing religious thoughts, we would rather have remained slaves to a set of rules of how to live our lives than have become free and independent to make our own choices leading to our salvation.

We bow our heads down to the Guru every Sunday like good little Sikhs we are, but I sometimes wonder for what and why we're bowing. The difference between the Brahman and the Guru lay in the fact that the Brahman wanted to enslave you in his spiritually bankrupt and corrupt kingdom, while the Guru wished to liberate you so you may see the beautiful spiritual kingdom of heaven that He sees. When we bow down to the Brahman's Mat, we bow in slavery due to the fear the Brahman instilled in us. When we bow down to our Guru's Mat, we bow down in love due to the freedom of our souls the Guru gave us. It would be applicable to have Prof. Puran Singh's quote here from The Creation and Purpose of Khalsa, where he speaks of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and what he did for the people. "He poured into our veins that life which could not love without song and freedom. We rose as individuals and as masses shouting for our liberty and victory. He gave us freedom of the soul, and we cried for the freedom of our life. We died for it, never mind, if we never got it. Touched by his inspiration, we could no more remain slaves."

Now, if i maybe excused of being ex-communicated from the Panth for making this statement, we wish to make our Guru our Brahman; for we no longer seek a liberator, we seek a tyrant. We do not want the freedom of our soul, for we no longer know what freedom is. We are so used to our minds being enslaved by the influences of society, people, politicians, goverments, so called religious saints, all telling us exactly how to live our lives, that we no longer know what it means to be conscious of our own mind. We wish to be trained and fed like dogs on this spiritual experience we wish to have, and so we go to whomsoever claims to know this beautiful spiritual kingdom of heaven the Guru sees, and we bow down to their Mat. We have bowed down oh so often that we forget for what we really bowed down for.

So now, when we see our Guru, when we bow to our Guru, we wish for him to give us set in stone rules like the 10 commandments of how to live our life, and then we become confused when the Guru refuses to give us these rules, for the Guru only tells us Naam Japna, Vand Chakna, and Kirat Karni. The Guru only tells us that with love in our hearts enter the journey to the beautiful spiritual kingdom of heaven. That is not good enough for us, we wish to be treated and fed like dogs, and so like dogs with our tongues wagging we run to the several different Jathe-bandis in our Panth to give us a set of rules of exactly how to do what the Guru told us to do. So the masters of those Jathe-bandis, like the Brahmans, are ever so ready to enslave us under their own Mat. Then we like foolish dogs loyal to our own "masters" bicker amongst ourselves for the other dog doesn't follow the same set of rules, and we continue to rip at each other's throat, while the Guru sits there amused how those he liberated enslaved themselves.

Honestly, we are like the foolish old dog whom the master cut the leash from. The dog no longer knows what it once meant to be free, he only knows to do what he is told to do and not know that he has the freedom to make his own choices. The Guru's love for us is so beautiful, He wishes to set us free so we may experience the journey to the spiritual kingdom of heaven. The Guru did not ever wish to enslave us in bondage, he wished to free us so we may experience for ourselves what He experienced. The bondage the Guru speaks to us of is not slavery, it is a bond of love. The bondage is that of a lover to her beloved. It is like the love of Heer towards Ranjha, where Heer no longer felt seperated from Ranjha through the distance, for she felt her and him were One. Guru Sahib told us "Jo tho prem khelan ka chao, sir dhar tali gali meri aao, eith maarag pair dhareejai, sir deejai kaan n keejai." He did not say "bondange khelan ka chao," he said "prem khelan ka chao," and the bondage often referred to, in Gurbani, is metaphorically speaking of love, except we're so used to being enslaved that we think it is us being attached in chains, rather than us in love.

Alas, the Guru seeks to liberate us and make us Singhs, tigers, but we love being sheeps and dogs too much to become Singhs.

Lastly, stay in chardi-kala! =)

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!